Decorating a Small Open-Concept Living Room Space

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Decorating a small space can be very overwhelming, especially if you add in an open concept.   We have put some tips together for creating the perfect comfort and style for your small space.  First, the paint colors, wood finishes and furniture styles don’t have to match exactly, but they should compliment each other.  Creating a cozy feel can be as simple as grouping your sofa and chairs close to each other while facing each other.  You can further define the space with a gorgeous area rug.  Simply adding a console table behind your sofa can help define the space and give you more storage.  If you’re very limited in space available, you could consider putting a desk behind your sofa.  A lot of times a desk ends up against the wall and this brings it off the wall and helps divide the space.

To assist with the flow from space to space, carry similar shades in your accents.  For example, if you have some gold hardware on your cabinets in your kitchen, add some pops of gold in your living room with gold vases, pillows, or any other accent you love.  If your appliances are a polished chrome, you can even flow that color over to your sofa, chairs, or pillows.  Don’t go too overboard with your accents and colors.  Sometimes, less is more.

Dimensions of your furniture should go hand-in-hand with the size of your room.  A huge sectional can easily overwhelm a small living room.  Here at Home Accents II, not only can you select custom fabrics for your sofa or sectional, but you can also hand select which pieces you want for your sectional.  Bring the dimensions of your space with you when you come by our showroom and one of our designers can also help place the best sized pieces in your space.  Delivery times for custom ordered upholstered furniture has improved greatly over the last few months and we continue to see a trend of continued reduced shipping times.

When selecting your occasional furniture, you should keep the height of your sofa and chairs in mind.  A coffee table or ottoman should line up with the top of the seat cushions of your chairs or sofa.  On the other hand, end tables should be about the height of the arms of the sofa or chair for easy accessibility.

Creating balance is also very important.  To be symmetrical in your living space, you don’t have to use the exact same pieces on each side.  You could easily have a loveseat facing two accent chairs with a shared end table.

Another consideration when planning your space is traffic flow.  You and your guests should be able to navigate easily in and out of the designated areas.

Here at Home Accents II, we set up and change our vignettes daily.  We try to incorporate furnishings, lamps, accents, wall art and more that you can see if your space with each beautiful sofa or sectional we carry.  Come by and select your entire room or come add some accents to your existing furnishings.  We look forward to helping you take your how to WOW.

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