How to Care for your Wooden Dining Table

Magnussen Hutcheson Table and buffet

Caring for your wooden dining table is just as important as purchasing a table that will fit your family’s needs.  We have compiled a list of what we find helps extend the life of your wood finish on your table.

Use Coasters & Heat Pads. Drinks tend to be a big culprit of leaving rings or creating water damage to your table.  Although that amazing drink is refreshing and delicious for you or your guests, the glass’s condensation is a significant cause of moisture damage to wood finishes.  If a spill occurs, remove it immediately.  If you are serving a hot dish, be sure to use a heat pad or trivet to protect your table from the heat.

Use Placemats. If you have children, you most likely already follow this advice.  However, you just never know.  That finely dressed friend, could be an accident waiting to happen.  It’s best to protect your wood.  Placemats allow you to still showcase the beauty of your wood table without as much risk of damage.

Use Tablecloths.  If your table will be in direct sunlight or you prefer to use tablecloths to catch all the messes, be sure to check under the tablecloth after each meal.  If you’re using a tablecloth and will be writing or eating while at the table, a table pad is a great addition.  We sell custom size table pads.  Our table pads have a MagnaLoc where they are secured together with magnets.  The magnets are concealed when the pads lock together.  This helps minimize separation and sliding which can cause damage to the table.

Wipe Down After Meals. Even if you use table pads, tablecloths or placemats, you should wipe down the table after each meal.   It’s best just to use a soft, clean cloth slightly moistened with water.  Dry completely afterwards with a dry, clean soft cloth.

Dust Regularly.  While dusting, you should just use the same soft, clean cloth slightly moisted with water.  Always rub in the direction of the wood grain.

Keep cigarettes, hot dishes and harsh solvents such as nail polish and alcohol away from the furniture.  Pliable materials such as plastic or rubber should not be left on any wood surface as they can damage the surface.

Try to avoid placing your table where it will be in direct afternoon sunlight.

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