How to Choose the Right Recliner for Your Home

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First things first…Always consider the space available for your recliner.  Recliners tend to be oversized and can take up more space than you think.  Measure! Measure! Measure!  When planning for your recliner, allow at least five to ten inches of space between the wall and the head of the reclined headrest at full extension.  If you would like a coffee table, ensure you have at least five to ten inches of space between the coffee table and the foot of the recliner.

The size of the recliner will determine how much width you need.  Each manufacturer carries different sizes so it really helps to go in the store, sit on the recliner and take measurements.  Depending on the size of the recliner, you could need anywhere between 35 inches to up to 50” of width to place your recliner in your home.

Recliners can have multiple features.  Rocker/Swivel Recliners do exactly what they say.  Rocking moves back and forth and helps those with insomnia to sleep.  A swivel base will allow the recliner to pivot so that it can face a different direction.  Sometimes they do both.  Another feature available is wall-hugger.   A Wall-hugger recliner is a good choice for smaller rooms. Wall-huggers tend to have you sit up straighter which can make it easier to get up from the seat.  Although called a wall-hugger, one important thing to note is you still need some space between the wall and the recliner.  You need only 5 inches versus the 12 inches needed for a regular recliner.

Another popular feature is to be power-operated.  These recliners can be reclined at the touch of button and do not require levers or handles.  Once you have power, you can also have USB charging ports added to your recliner.  This eliminates the need of cords and wires everywhere in your living space.  Power operated recliners can also provide massaging and heat as an option.  Here at Home Accents II, we also carry batteries made specifically for our recliners.  These are handy as not everyone has an outlet available to where they would like to place their recliner.

A lift chair recliner comes with a mechanism that pushes the chair up from its base.  These are for people that have trouble getting out of a recliner on their own.  We proudly carry these very comfortable recliners here at Home Accents II as well.

If you’re concerned about style, we offer high-leg options that look just like armchairs.  We also have an impressive gallery of fabrics with a wide range of colors and textures to customize your recliner.

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